150 Units Zhongtong Electric Buses Arrive in Tangshan for Operation

June 24,2020

Recently, 150 units Zhongtong electric buses arrived in Tangshan, Hebei province for operation. Replacing some fossil fuel powered vehicles, they are set to providing greener, more comfortable and more convenient transportation services for local citizens.

Having been in smooth operation for ten years, Zhongtong electric bus measuring 12 meters in length has demonstrated its high reliability for driving over 400,000 km without major repairs. boasts more spacious room and more friendly facilities for passengers. Its intelligent driving system and central control system bring brand new driving experience for bus drivers.

With CAE light weight design, Zhongtong electric bus is highly resilient in extremely harsh working conditions. Its key spare parts, such as its battery compartments and lithium ion batteries, have all gone through stringent tests.

So far, Zhongtong electric buses have already made their way to many cities across China and have been serving passengers in a number of countries, including Mexico and Russia, etc.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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