BYD Electric City Buses Arrive in Madrid for Operation

May 20,2020

On May 13, 15 units 12-meter BYD electric city buses were officially delivered to EMT, a bus operator in Madrid, for operation. José Luis Martínez Ameida, mayor of Madrid, Borja Carabante, the Director of Madrid Transport Bureau, Borja Carabante, General Manager of Madrid Public Transport Company, Joaquín Bellido, BYD Sales Ibérian Peninsula Representative, attended the handover ceremony.

According to BYD, the electric city buses will put on bus route No. 52 to replace those buses powered by fossil fuels. As the first batch of electric city buses in operation in Madrid, these vehicles are set to helping the city cut its carbon emissions and further promoting sustainable development.

As one of the largest bus operators in Spain, EMT operates over 2,100 units buses and coaches.

“We are fully committed to promoting green public transport. While gradually restoring our production and business, we will take a host of effective measures to ensure the smooth operation of our public transport networks”, said José Luis Martínez Ameida, mayor of Madrid.

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