Foton AUV Launches School Bus Tour in Yongzhou

May 14,2020

On May 11, Foton AUV officially launched its School Bus Tour in Yongzhou, Hunan province. According to the bus maker, the tour will last eight days. In the weeklong tour, Foton AUV school buses will be put on display in ten districts and counties across Yongzhou. Local school bus operators can all have the opportunity to take a closer look at Foton AUV school buses and drive them as well.

Superior to its counterparts in a number of areas, Foton AUV school bus has been gaining a steadily rising popularity among customers.

Equipped with the internationally famed high-end engine, Foton AUV school bus delivers impressively powerful performances and achieves extremely high energy efficiency. With consistently reliable performances, it helps bus operators cut their operation costs substantially.

In terms of driving safety, Foton AUV school bus has a reinforced body structure equipped with MacPhersan independent front & rear suspension. Thanks to all these, the vehicle has greatly improved its active and passive safety standards.

To improve its intelligence, Foton AUV has successfully developed iFoton technology and exclusive access passes for passengers. Students can swipe their pass to confirm their identity and board the bus. In addition, bus operators is able to track the vehicle’s operation data, such as location, speed and operation routes, through GPS.

With ergonomically designed and cushioned seats and armrests, lower floor plan, boarding handles, Foton AUV school bus provides unparalleled travel comforts for both bus drivers and passengers.

Thanks to Foton AUV’s high-precision cutting, welding, painting and other state-of-art manufacturing procedures, the school bus is highly durable and has already passed a number of stringent rollover tests.

In order to effectively curb the spread of COVID-19, Foton AUV has rolled out Super Healthy School Bus Operation Solutions which consist of introducing highly efficient air filtering systems, ultraviolet sanitizing systems, personal protection systems, etc.

Apart from all above, Foton AUV has been playing a leading role in cutting the carbon emissions by actively promoting its school buses with National VI Emission Standards.

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