213 Units King Long Luxury Coaches Shipped to Saudi Arabia for Operation

April 10,2020

On April 7, 213 units King Long luxury coaches boarded a ship at Xiamen Port, marking the delivery of the first batch of King Long buses to their customer in Saudi Arabia this year. 
Before rolling out the special luxury coach for Saudi Arabian market, King Long’s technical and after-sales teams had conducted thorough investigations in Saudi Arabia, familiarizing themselves with the operation environment, customers’ requirements and concerns as well as possible problems, etc. By having continuous interactions with its customers through video-conferences, King Long makes sure that it fully meets customers’ expectations and provides the highest quality luxury coaches.
Despite the negative impacts of COVID-19, King Long has quickly restored its production and is now working against the clock to deliver bus orders to its customers across the globe. 

Source : www.chinabuses.org

Editor : Isabella

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