Ankai Autonomous Driving Buses Soon to Start Operation

March 31,2020

Recently, Anhui’s first 5G autonomous driving pilot operation route officially completed its construction. Connecting Luzhou Avenue, Fangxing Avenue, Guizhou Avenue and Zhongshan Road, the route is a ring road measuring 4.4 km in length.

Ankai autonomous driving buses, will soon be put into service on the route, promoting the commercial operation of autonomous driving vehicles.

With its iconic combination of red and black colors, Ankai autonomous driving bus boasts a more streamlined body structure and achieves high agility. With more spacious room on board, the vehicle has a special driver’s compartment, which creates a more quiet and comfortable working environment for bus drivers.

Anhui provincial government launched the construction of its first 5G autonomous driving pilot operation route in August, 2019. After seven months construction, the route is now open to traffic for both autonomous driving and human controlled vehicles.

According to Ankai, four units Ankai autonomous driving buses and three units JAC autonomous driving passenger cars with be operating on the route with a maximum speed of 50 km/h.

In December, 2017, Ankai autonomous driving bus officially started operation in Futian Bonded Area, Shenzhen, marking a new milestone in Ankai’s history.

In April, 2019, Ankai autonomous driving bus was put into service in a scenic area in Zhangjiajie.

In May, 2019, Ankai autonomous driving buses were delivered to an international airport in Japan for operation. Driving a one-way distance of about two kilometers, the vehicle is able to reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

In September, 2019, Wuhan Transport Authorities officially released the world’s first commercial plate for Ankai autonomous driving bus.


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