Foton Cummins Becomes Global Beacon Factory

January 14,2020

On January 10, World Economic Forum officially released its latest list of Global Beacon Factory. 18 enterprises successfully made their way to the list. Thus, the number of the Global Beacon Factories has risen to 44.

Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (Foton Cummins), with its substantial contributions to the digitalization of factories, has become one of the members of Global Beacon Factories. By taking full advantage of internet of things (IoT) and AI, the engine maker has been constantly improving the quality of its products and has improved its customer satisfaction by 40%.

According to Chen Hua, General Manager of Foton Cummins, the company is the first one in China to implement MES. In just a decade, it has established digitalized production networks, fully integrating IT and OT.

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