Foton AUV Secures an Order of 2,072 Units New Energy Buses from Beijing Public Transport Group

January 09,2020

On January 2, 2020,Foton made an announcement, revealing that it successfully secured an order of 2,072 units Foton AUV electric buses, plug-in oil-electricity hybrid buses and plug-in gas-electricity hybrid buses from Beijing Public Transport Group.

According to Foton, it will soon deliver 60 units electric city buses for suburban passenger transportation, 150 units electric city buses, 1,140 units plug-in oil-electricity hybrid city buses for suburban passenger transportation, and 722 units plug-in gas-electricity hybrid city buses.

After their delivery, all these Foton AUV buses will further help the capital city lower the emissions of PM2.5 and provide greener and more comfortable transportation services for residents.

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