Ankai A6 Coaches Delivered to Haipei for Operation

January 03,2020

Recently, a batch of Ankai A6 coaches were officially delivered to Anhui Haipei Tourist Service Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Haipei) for operation.

A6 coach is specially designed for the long-distance passenger & tourist transportation. With a streamlined appearance, the vehicle achieves high reliability, high fuel economy and delivers more travel comforts for passengers and tourists. Statistics show that the coach is able to lower fuel consumption by over 15% and the emissions of PM2.5 by 70-90%. Plus its intelligent management, front collision protection, fatigue driving alarming, tire pressure monitoring, lane deviation alarming, the coach provides brand new travel experiences for passengers and tourists.

Ankai A6 Coaches Delivered to Haipei for Operation

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