Ankai A9 Won C-SCAP Super-Five-Star Award

September 27,2019

On September 20, China Bus Safety Management Center revealed the test results of the second batch of buses. Ankai A9, with a score of 98.87 out of 100, ranks the first place among all vehicles tested and successfully won C-SCAP Super-Five-Star Award.

Ankai A9 performed impressively well in all major tests organized by China Bus Safety Management Center, fully demonstrating its high reliability and high safety standards. As a new fist product of Ankai, A9 is chiefly targeted at the high-end business passenger transportation market. Equipped with a host of state-of-art technologies, Ankai A9 possesses a uniquely attractive look and achieves impressive power and energy efficiency.

So far, Ankai A9 has already served a number of high-profile events, including the annual Two Sessions, Belt & Road International Cooperation Summit.

C-SCAP is the world’s first bus safety standards launched by China Bus Safety Management Center. After implementing the safety standards in 2017, C-SCAP has gradually gained wide public recognition.

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