King Long Electric Buses Arrive in Taiwan for Operation

September 23,2019

Recently, a batch of King Long fast-recharging electric buses arrived in Kaohsiung, Taiwan for operation.

In 2017, Gangdu Passenger Transportation Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Gangdu) purchased two units King Long electric buses, both of which can be fully recharged in just 15 minutes. On each working day, the vehicle can be recharged several times to ensure their smooth operation. So far, the number of the company’s electric buses has reached 68 units with their combined monthly mileage exceeding 300,000 km.

Just days ago, Gangdu held a press conference in Kaohsiung to mark the five million mileage jointly realized by its electric buses. By cutting the carbon emissions by 1.5 million tons, these environmentally friendly vehicles have helped the bus operator cut its operation costs by 40 million Taiwan dollars. With the largest number of electric buses in Taiwan and the highest mileage record on the island, the company has already provided greener and more comfortable transportation services to over eight million passengers.

According to some insiders, Taiwan is planning to replace all fossil fueled buses with electric ones by 2030. King Long electric buses, with their comparatively low operation costs and competitive continuous driving distances, have already won wide recognition across the island.

Generating little noise while in operation and adopting the low floor access, King Long electric bus significantly improves passengers’ travel experiences. In the coming years, Gangdu is planning to put more King Long electric buses on Kaohsiung’s major bus routes to promote the electrification of public transportation.

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