King Long Bus Apolong GOVO Autonomous Disinfecting Sweeper XMQW25BEVS

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Technical Parameter
Model Special Vehicle Bus
Energy EV
Length(mm) 2850
Width(mm) 1470
Height(mm) 1750
Product Details

Apolong GOVO Autonomous Disinfecting Sweeper

Apolong GOVO is based on King Long’s sophisticated technology of autonomous chassis platform. It can realize full-autonomous driving and achieve both cleaning and disinfection functions. It is suitable for crowd gathering places such as industrial parks, parks, campuses, airports, and train station. GOVO can be timed to operate at off-peak hours and return automatically after duty. It is a powerful disinfection tool to ensure the safety of orderly work resumption.
Autonomous driving, even better than having a driver
GOVO has a multi-sensor navigation function. It can automatically sense the surrounding environment and respond intelligently via real-time ranging laser radar, IMU bus body posture measurement and GNSS satellite navigation. GOVO is capable of figuring out directions, avoiding obstacles, making turn as well as going uphill. It takes the garbage and leaves no virus behind.
GOVO adopts Mc

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