Changan Bus M90 Negative Pressure Ambulance

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Technical Parameter
Model Special Vehicle Bus
Energy Diesel
Length(mm) 5180
Width(mm) 1744
Height(mm) 2380
Product Details

Introduction of Changan M90 Negative Pressure Ambulance

Luxury exterior, driving comfortable, more safe, overall size: 5180*1744*2480(mm),negative pressure tank frequency of exchange air:20 times/hour, negative pressure rate:-10pa-138pa, filtration separation rate reach 99.9% , can reduce the spread and pollution of pathogenic microorganisms to the external environment of the ambulance effectively.

In addition to the negative pressure device, the ambulance can also be equipped with a full set of rescue equipment such as ventilator, defibrillator, ECG monitor, UV disinfection lamp, central oxygen supply interface, etc. It is mainly used to treat and transfer patients with infectious diseases, so it can effectively reduce cross-infection by medical staff and air pollution to the outside of the car.

Capacity of Production: 30 units/ day

Delivery time: 20 days

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