Yinlong Bus GTQ6126BEVBT3

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Technical Parameter
Model City Bus
Energy EV
Length(mm) 12000
Width(mm) 2550
Height(mm) 3550/3668
G.V.W.(kg) 18000
Seats 16-32
Energy Storage System/Battery 160Ah/580V
Driving Range (km) 150
Product Details

Equipped with fast-recharging lithium batteries which boast long life expectancies, high stability and high safety standards, the vehicle achieves high energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Its uniquely fashionable design is inevitably an eye-catcher in urban areas. Customers can also choose the colors according to their own preferences. In addition, its streamlined body achieves high agility and safety standards and its ergonomically designed interior provides passengers with brand new travel experiences.

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