Zhongtong Bus LCK6137H+Xi'an Cummins ISME420 30 engine

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Technical Parameter
Energy Diesel
Length(mm) 13700
Width(mm) 2550
Height(mm) 3830
Wheelbase(mm) 6000+1500
Seats 48+1+1
Luggage Capacity(m3 10
Fuel Tank (l) 600
Engine Model ISME420 30
Engine Max. Torque (N.m/rpm) 2010
Chassis Clutch electromagnetic clutch
Chassis Suspension System 6 air bellows front 2/rear 4
Chassis Gearbox Six speed gear box
Chassis Braking System Dual circuit air braking, drum brake, electric vortex retarder
Product Details

Zhongtong Bus LCK6137H Navigator, with tall and strong appearance and vigorous and fluent curve, is a luxury bus developed by Zhongtong Bus for domestic and overseas market segments including highway passenger transportation and golden travel routes. Due to scientific structure optimization and high strength and light weight materials, the luggage and passenger compartments are larger and energy consumption is lower. Besides, in terms of steering, operation and braking, the reliability and stability catch more customers’ eyes. Moreover, the design of electrical appliance of double wire system corresponding with EU standard makes the electrical appliance of the bus more reliable. What’s more, the luxury aviation luggage rack and passenger chair, international advanced night vision safe driving system, independent air supply system in driving zone and double viewing glasses are applied to the bus, which bring more comfortable zone to passengers.

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