Higer Double Decker Buses to Start Operation in Uzbekistan

December 29,2014

www.chinabuses.org: According to a private tourism company in Uzbekistan, to develop local tourism industry and attract more tourists, the company has ordered 15 units of double-decker buses from China , two units of which have already arrived in Tashkent, the Capital of Uzbekistan, and three units are soon to arrive. The 56-seated double-decker buses are from Chinese leading bus manufacturerHiger.


Higer Double-decker Buses to Start Operation in Uzbekistan

The newly arrived two Higer buses have been decorated as tourism buses by relative regulation and requirement and will start operation once the approval documentation is issued by relevant department. It is planed to open a tourism route in Tashkent starting from Tashkent Hospital through 9 scenic spots and another 3 to 5 routs once all the 15 units of buses are arrived. If it operates well in Tashkent, the double-decker bus will be put into other major tourism cities like Samarkand and Buxoro.

Source : www.chinabuses.org


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