BAAV: Alfa YS6120DG Awarded Comfort Award-Bus Prize in Busworld Asia

March 30,2011 Awarding ceremony of 2011 Busworld Asia was held in Shanghai on March 29, as the highest bus prize in Asia, Asian Coach Week is set to elect the excellent China buses and coaches and promote innovation in bus industry. And Alfa YS6120DG was awarded BAAV Comfort Award-Bus.

Alfa YS6120DG Awarded Best Comfortable Bus Prize
Alfa YS6120DG Awarded BAAV Comfort Award-Bus

Alfa YS6120DG is a new pure electric city bus adopting Li-ion battery and super capacitors. The technology can provide high power and electricity for accelerating, braking and climbing, and it can also improve service time and quick charge etc. Its acceleration is about 0-50Km/h, ≤25s, much faster than like products. 80% of its battery can be charged after half an hour. The bus can run as far as 200 km after charging, and only 1.17 kWh is assumed per kilometer.


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