Another batch of Higer Azure Buses Delivered to Zhangjiachuan

10 July 2024

On July 1, 2024, 30 new energy Azure buses from Higer once again amazed the western city of Zhangjiachuan, known as the "Pearl in the Northwest China".

This time, Zhangjiachuan has opened three extended bus routes, passing through multiple townships and villages. This transformation not only enhances the city image of Zhangjiachuan, expands the transportation network, but also substantially improves the quality of life for residents.

Coincidentally, on this day two years ago, July 1, 2022, 32 units of Higer 8-meter Azure pure electric buses were first introduced in Zhangjiachuan. Its stunning appearance and zero-emission, low-noise characteristics quickly won the favor of passengers. This bus, with its unique design and excellent performance, created a "Blue Sky whirlwind" in Zhangjiachuan County.

Zhangjiachuan continues to make efforts in the field of public transportation and constantly promotes the development of green transportation. On July 1, 2024, another batch of Azure buses arrived as scheduled, forming a perfect relay with the Azure buses two years ago.

It is understood that Higer buses took the lead among more than 10 bidders and ultimately won the bid due to their advantages such as high cost-effectiveness, sufficient accessory inventory, fastest after-sales response speed, and the ability to formulate optimal solutions based on operating routes.

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