The All-New Dongfeng Cummins D7.0 Starts with You

11 June 2024

The all-new Dongfeng Cummins D7.0 engine, with its championship-level quality, provides you with the power to forge ahead courageously.

The all-new Dongfeng Cummins D7.0 engine, featuring a brand-new upgrade, wealth-creating capabilities, and extraordinary power.


Up to 350 horsepower with a peak torque of 1400N.m

High horsepower and efficiency, making transportation more efficient

Upgraded power, easily handling complex road conditions

Meeting the needs of truck drivers for full-load medium- and long-distance transportation


Dongfeng Cummins D7.0 Fully Upgraded

Adopting new technology to enhance the explosion pressure and compression ratio

Optimizing the fuel injector

Saving 5% to 10% of fuel compared to the previous generation under typical working conditions

Significantly reducing costs, confidently facing low freight rates

Allowing truck drivers to safely run their transportation operations with savings in mind


Comprehensive improvement in gear design

Optimizing the engine design to reduce noise and vibration

Idle noise reduced to approximately 71 decibels

Increasing the smoothness of the engine and improving driving comfort

Upgraded comfort, creating an easy driving experience for drivers at every turn.


The Benchmark of Championship Quality

D7.0 continues the leading characteristics and advantages of D6.7

Through system integration and electronic control technology upgrades

While reducing the total life cycle cost, it also significantly reduces the purchase cost

Reliable quality ensures high availability and high income

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