CRRC Electric Buses Win Praise from African Friends

03 June 2024

In May 2024, the Dakar BRT system, which CRRC Electric buses participated in, was officially put into commercial passenger operation. As Africa's first BRT line exclusively using pure electric buses, all its bus models were 18-meter articulated pure electric buses developed and produced by CRRC Electric. With the help of China pure electric buses, Dakar is transitioning its traditional public transportation industry towards a low-carbon future.

Currently, all 121 buses have been put into operation. This bus model was developed by CRRC Electric specifically for the Dakar BRT project. The body and system of the bus are highly corrosion-resistant, meeting the demanding climatic conditions of dust (sand) and salt (coastal) prevalent in the local area. With a maximum seating capacity of 55 and a maximum passenger capacity of 150, it has 1.5 to 2 times the capacity of a regular bus. The battery life cycle allows the bus to travel no less than 250km, and its dual-winding direct drive power is efficient and energy-saving, making it well-suited to the local environment and terrain conditions.

Africans, who are accustomed to using China-made mobile phones and household appliances, are increasingly choosing to ride China-made buses as their urban transportation. "China buses are really good!" This is the most common phrase heard from local bus technicians, station staff, and passengers since CRRC Electric buses arrived in Dakar over half a year ago. CRRC Electric buses are favored by African users and passengers for their stylish appearance and excellent quality. Currently, the daily passenger flow of buses reaches 300,000, mostly commuters, students, shoppers, or tourists.

High technology content and convenient after-sales service are another important reason why CRRC Electric won the Dakar order.

The local technical director of public transportation stated that CRRC's excellent control assembly and three-electric technology have provided Senegal with high-quality buses that can operate reliably. Additionally, she mentioned that the braking system of CRRC Electric buses performs very stably in complex traffic situations, and the thoughtful design of the internal air conditioning system has satisfied passengers. Moreover, the daily maintenance and repair costs are not high.

Nowadays, as a key project under the framework of the "Plan Senegal Emergent", the Dakar BRT system has been officially put into operation. This not only contributes to the positive development of low-carbon transportation in Senegal but also provides a model for more African countries.

CRRC's new energy buses have gained the trust of more and more global customers while achieving the coordinated internationalization of products, technology, standards, and services. Data shows that CRRC's new energy buses have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions, including France, South Korea, New Zealand, Brazil, and Malaysia.

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