Take a Bus CITYWALK with AUV BJ6129 Electric City Bus

22 May 2024

Have you ever thought of exploring our familiar yet enigmatic city in a brand-new way? Today, let's hop on the AUV BJ6129 Pure Electric City Bus and embark on a unique bus CITYWALK. Ding ding, let's go! AUV buses, ready when you are.

Electric Drive, Go Green

The AUV BJ6129 Pure Electric City Bus adopts a pure electric direct drive structure and uses currently mature permanent magnet synchronous motors in China, truly achieving zero emissions and zero pollution, making green travel a companion everywhere.

Ultimate Energy Saving, Leading the Trend

The AUV BJ6129 Pure Electric City Bus applies the E-AIR intelligent cooling system and an energy regeneration and recovery system, reducing the energy consumption of the entire vehicle. It can automatically adjust its energy consumption status according to the working environment, and optional lightweight materials such as high-strength steel and aluminum alloy take energy saving to the extreme, keeping environmental protection with you at all times.

Bus CITYWALK, Discovering New Perspectives of the City

The passenger seats of the AUV BJ6129 Pure Electric City Bus adopt a slim design with new composite materials, providing comfort and a snug fit. Slow down, sit in a comfortable space, and appreciate the beauty of every corner of the city.

The AUV BJ6129 Pure Electric City Bus is not just a simple mode of transportation, but also our vision for a better urban life in the future. It represents our firm commitment to green, low-carbon, and environmentally friendly practices. Let's take the AUV BJ6129 Pure Electric Bus and embark on a zero-carbon journey together.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

Editor : Isabella


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