Golden Dragon Secures an Order of 220 Units Electric Buses from Wuhan

29 April 2024

Recently, Wuhan Quanqiutong Commuting Service Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Wuhan Quanqiutong) placed an order of 220 units XML6118JEV electric buses on Golden Dragon. In an interview, Yang Hao, General Manager of the bus operator, revealed that the operation of Golden Dragon electric buses would greatly strengthen its overall competitiveness in the commuting market in Wuhan.
Established over two decades ago, Wuhan Quanqiutong is specialized in providing commuting services in Wuhan. As one of the leading players in the local commuting service market, it boasts a fleet of over 360 units buses & coaches.
Starting from May 1, Wuhan will launch new regulations on buses involved in commuting service. According to Wuhan Quanqiutong, 98% of its vehicles have to be replaced to meet more stringent regulations on the road.   
In response, Wuhan Quanqiutong has done thorough investigations and finally made the decision to choose Golden Dragon. “The performances of buses, the after-sales services and the overall competitiveness of the bus brand are three main factors contributing to our final decision”, said Yang Hao. 
Having been in cooperation with Golden Dragon for over ten years, Wuhan Quanqiutong fully recognizes the bus maker’s high-quality standards and timely after-sales services. With a warehouse of spare parts in Wuhan, Golden Dragon ensures the smooth operation of all its vehicles. 
“Our customers include some state-owned enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises and joint ventures, all of which set hight standards on our buses. Golden Dragon’s XML6118JEV electric bus not only has a uniquely attractive appearance, but also provides unparalleled travel comforts for passengers“, added Yang Hao.
Built on the huge success of its predecessors, Golden Dragon XML6118JEV has an extremely streamlined body structure and is aesthetically beautiful. With six air suspensions on its chassis, it adopts ergonomically designed luxury business seats and more user-friendly lighting plan, significantly improving the travel experience for commuters. 
Golden Dragon XML6118JEV’s EIC system is another highlight. Equipped with CATL’s new generation of batteries which are smaller in size and help vehicles achieve a longer driving range, it has a battery case with IP68 + IP6K9K protection level. In addition, its third generation rare earth permanent magnetic synchronous motor achieves a longer lifespan and a higher efficiency. Boasting a higher reliability and delivering consistently smooth performances, XML6118JEV is highly energy efficient and thus helps bus operators cut their operating costs.
According to Yang Hao, Wuhan Quanqiutong started introducing Golden Dragon’s electric buses eight years ago. The operation data from the bus operator show that the cost of the vehicle is less than 0.4 RMB per kilometer. “The proven track record of Golden Dragon’s electric buses gives us full confidence in XML6118JEV”, added Yang.  
Golden Dragon’s Buses in Smooth Operation in Wuhan

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