Foton AUV Electric Buses Delivered to Hebi Shun'an Public Transportation

24 April 2024

Recently, 20 Foton AUV BJ6605 pure electric buses customized for scenic spots were delivered to Hebi Shun'an Public Transportation, a subsidiary of Qi County Chaoge Culture and Tourism Group. It is reported that these customized buses for scenic spots will be put into operation in Qi County, mainly serving the microcirculation routes and short-distance shuttles in scenic spots, helping to smooth the microcirculation inside and outside the scenic spots, promoting high-quality development of customized passenger transport in scenic spots, and setting a benchmark for the transformation and development of passenger transport in scenic spots nationwide.

To adapt to the general trend of tourism development and smooth the microcirculation of scenic spots, Qi County Chaoge Culture and Tourism Group ordered 20 BJ6605 pure electric buses to improve the traffic order of scenic spots, enhance the tourism reception capacity of scenic spots, and meet the green and high-quality travel needs of tourists.

It is understood that the BJ6605 pure electric bus delivered this time is a 6-meter microcirculation bus product custom-developed by Foton Auvbus based on multiple application scenarios in the city, covering multiple application scenarios such as subway commuting and community shuttle, which has the advantage of small size and large capacity.

The exterior of the vehicle adopts the familial design language, with a galaxy-shaped grille and "angel eyes" LED headlights, giving the overall visual a futuristic feel. In addition, the vehicle adopts the largest low-floor area in the same industry level, equipped with a dual-channel passenger area, with a driving range of up to 350km and an energy consumption per 100 kilometers that is 7% lower than similar products, which can fully meet the short-distance shuttle needs of scenic spots, reduce vehicle operating costs for customers, and help reduce costs and increase efficiency.

In the future, Foton AUV will continue to work with Qi County Chaoge Culture and Tourism Group to help smooth the microcirculation of scenic spots, open up the "last mile" of travel, and promote the transformation and upgrading of scenic spot passenger transport towards high-end, customized, and green directions, continuously empowering the high-quality development of tourism passenger transport.

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