Foton AUV Delivered Buses to Hetian Antong Passenger Transport in Batches

17 April 2024

On April 16, 2024, a bus delivery ceremony between Foton AUV and Hetian Antong Passenger Transport was held in Beijing. At this ceremony, Foton AUV delivered BJ6122 intercity buses to Hetian Antong Passenger Transport in batches. After delivery, these buses will be used for local road passenger transport, tourist transport, and shuttle services for rural students in Xinjiang, enhancing the quality and efficiency of passenger transport services and injecting new impetus into the high-quality development of Hetian, Xinjiang.

Renewed Cooperation Opens a New Chapter in Hetian Public Transportation

Since 2024, Hetian has vigorously implemented the strategy of promoting tourism in Xinjiang, adhering to the principle of shaping tourism through culture and highlighting culture through tourism, promoting the deep integration of culture and tourism, and showing a strong trend of accumulation and growth in the tourism industry. According to statistics, from January to March 2024, Hetian received a total of 3.2884 million domestic and foreign tourists, an increase of 37.73% year on year, and achieved a total tourism income of 2.16 billion yuan, an increase of 38.74% year on year. Nowadays, Hetian is attracting more and more tourists with its unique natural scenery, profound cultural heritage, and rich tourism resources.

As the leader of green buses in China, Foton AUV has always provided high-quality transportation equipment to the industry with leading technology and excellent strength, offered a full life cycle operational guarantee to customers with a "worry-free" service system, and won wide praise from industrial users with its strength.

Previously, Hetian Antong Passenger Transport had purchased Foton AUV pure electric buses in batches to help upgrade the green transportation system in Hetian. Based on the trust in the quality and service guarantee of Foton AUV products, Hetian Antong Passenger Transport once again chose Foton AUV.

The Foton AUV BJ6122 quality buses delivered this time are positioned in the high-end medium- and long-distance passenger and tourism markets. BJ6122 leads the trend of luxury cars with its scientific and technological strength. The interior of the whole vehicle is newly developed, the driver's area is luxurious and beautiful, the seats are made of double-density sponge, the luggage rack adopts a bionic design with a concave style, the "dome" type ceiling, and the whole vehicle is equipped with a variety of combined ambience lights. It adopts a digital intelligent cockpit combined with intelligent network connection technology to create a safe, comfortable, and energy-saving driving experience.

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