Foton New Energy Vehicles Set to Revolutionize Global Automobile Industry

05 March 2024

In this era of globalization, new energy vehicles are becoming increasingly popular among customers. As one of the leading players in China’s commercial vehicle industry, Foton has made a number of technological breakthroughs in the new energy vehicle industry. Moreover, it is fully committed to putting more environmentally-friendly and zero-emission vehicles on the road across the globe, providing more convenient and more comfortable transportation services.

In Malaysia, Foton has been working closely with the country’s Ministry of Transport and helping the country transition to greener public transport. Recently, a batch of 46 units Foton new energy inter-city buses arrived in Malaysia, making the travel much more convenient between Johor Bahru and Singapore, a city state.

Since launching the research and development of new energy vehicles, Foton has successfully developed a wide spectrum of new energy vehicles, including electric ones, hybrid ones, hydrogen fuel cell ones. So far, its new energy vehicles have established a formidable presence in Australia, South America and Asia-Pacific. In Mexico, Malta, New Zealand, India and Egypt, Foton new energy vehicles can be readily seen in their cities and international airports.

Just a few days ago, Foton signed an agreement for strategic cooperation with Indonesia-based Indomobil in Jakarta. According to the two parties’ agreement, Indomobil will be in charge of assembling and marketing Foton electric commercial vehicles in Indonesia. The two parties will also work together to build a sound industrial chain, covering the production and sales of new energy vehicles as well as related after-sales and financial services.

By sourcing its spare parts from Daimler, Cummins, ZF and other internationally renowned spare parts suppliers, Foton has greatly strengthened its overall competitiveness in the global market, laying a solid foundation for its international expansion.

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