CRRC Electric Monthly Sales Volume Soared by 485.63% to Reach 937 Units in September

31 October 2022

According to the latest statistics, China’s sales volume of city buses in September reached 6,236 units, up by 50.92% year on year. CRRC Electric, with its monthly sales volume standing at 937 units and its monthly growth rate at a jaw-dropping 485.63%, ranked the first place among all major bus makers in China.

From January to September this year, it sold 28,917 units new energy buses, including 10,599 units city buses measuring from 8-meter to 9-meter in length (about 32.8% of the total sales volume) and 8,799 units city buses measuring from 10-meter to 11-meter in length (about 27% of the total sales volume).

As a subsidiary of CRRC, CRRC Electric has been transforming itself into a high-end provider of greener transport solutions for cities and whole lifecycle public transport. So far, CRRC Electric has delivered its buses and coaches to over 150 cities across China. In the overseas market, it has won wide acclaims from customers in New Zealand, France, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, South Korea, etc.

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