Ankai S9 Series School Buses In Service in New Semester

September 02,2022

On September, 1, the autumn semester kickstarted across China. A batch of new Ankai S9 series school buses officially became the carriers for many students in China.

With a length ranging from 8.6-meters to 11-meters, Ankai S9 series school buses have uniquely dynamic and awe-inspiring appearances. Thanks to their monocoque body structures with high-strength steel, they have effectively cut their body weights. In addition, they are equipped with ABS, panoramic viewing systems, intelligent school bus management systems, all of which fully ensure their safe and smooth operation.

On board, Ankai S9 series school buses are fully furnished with environmentally-friendly materials and ergonomically designed seats which take full considerations of students’ physical development. Safety measures include seat belts for every student, handrails and fences with soft covers, etc. Moreover, their low-floor-access allows easier and faster boarding.

As one of the pioneers in school bus making industry, Ankai boasts a wide spectrum of school buses with a length range from 5.5-meters to 11-meters and a loading capacity from 19 to 56 students.

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