Zhongtong Nucleic Acid Testing Vehicles Join Fight Against COVID-19

April 12,2022

Recently, Zhongtong P2+ nucleic acid testing vehicles officially started operation in Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi, Jilin, Sichuan, Gansu and Guangxi, etc., joining the fight against COVID-19.

Built on the huge success of Zhongtong Shijia bus, Zhongtong P2+ nucleic acid testing vehicle fully complies with PCR testing lab standards and creates an environmentally-friendly environment. In addition, it has UPS emergency power supply system, achieving high mobility and maneuverability.

On board, Zhongtong P2+ nucleic acid testing vehicle has three fully enclosed rooms and six separate areas for specific functional purposes. People and medical materials flow in different routes, further facilitating the testing process and effectively preventing cross-infection. It is equipped with latest nucleic acid testing devices and technologies. People can thus get their testing results in just two hours. According to Zhongtong, the vehicle is able to perform tests on 120,000 people each day at most.

Zhongtong P2+ nucleic acid testing vehicle has an air-conditioning system specifically designed for medical purpose, which is able to heat, cool, filter and ventilate the air on the vehicle. It creates a safe and more comfortable working environment for medical workers.

So far, Zhongtong P2+ nucleic acid testing vehicle has already gained wide recognition among customers, playing a pivotal role in fighting against COVID-19. Apart from its nucleic acid testing vehicle, Zhongtong has also successfully developed other medical vehicles, including negative pressure ambulances and CT-scanning vehicles, etc., which have all established a solid reputation in the market.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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