Customer from Peru Speaks Highly of Golden Dragon Bus

June 17,2020

In November, 2017, the customer from Peru made an inquiry about purchasing 20 units buses with With the assistance of, it placed an order of 20 units Golden Dragon buses in March, 2018.

During the first year the after-sales service was good; Now we solve it ourselves. We do not experience considerable failure.

We break a myth, "Chinese vehicle is bad", we demonstrate the opposite, the Chinese vehicle is very good, we have nothing to envy to the "recognized brands", the secret is in the configuration.

We travel winding roads with variable altitude of: 3400, 2800, 4400 to 1000 meters above sea level, daily route of 480 km. By vehicle. We are writing a new story with Chinese vehicles.

We regret that Golden Dragon has no interest in promoting the brand; we are a serious company, leaders in the transport of people.

Thank you Golden Dragon.

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