Ankai Bus HFF6124K40

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Technical Parameter
Model Tourism
Energy Diesel
Dimensions(mm) 12000*2500*3720
G.V.W.(kg) 16200
Wheelbase(mm) 6080
Seats 49+1+1
Engine Model WP10.336 EⅢ /Yuchai/Cummins
Chassis Clutch Φ420
Chassis Suspension System air suspension
Chassis Gearbox S6-150M/T
Chassis Braking System Dual-circuit air brake with ABS
Product Details

Ankai luxury coach HFF6124K40 is equipped with front and rear independent suspension as well as large seats in order to enhance comfort for passengers. Depending on the monocoque frame, the coach has balanced braking system to protect passengers’ safety.
This coach is particularly suitable for intercity transportation, because its energy saving character can create greater economic value. Reasonable chassis assembly, which protects the safety and lowers malfunction rate of the coach, reduces post cost for customers. Coupled with its lightweight body design, the coach has good performance on low fuel consumption. All the excellent characters enhance its market competitiveness.


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