2,045 Units Buses Equipped with Microvast Batteries Working Smoothly in Chongqing

January 11,2021

In April, 2011, some electric buses equipped with Microvast LpTO lithium iron phosphate batteries officially started operation on bus route No. 689 and No. 687. Being able to be fully recharged in just 10 minutes, Microvast’s batteries can be recharged for 20,000 times.

So far, all these electric buses have been in smooth operation for almost a decade.

In 2013, Microvast rolled out its second generation LpCO batteries. In December, 2015, electric buses equipped with the batteries started operation on bus route No.666 in Chongqing, quickly gaining unrivaled popularity among passengers in Chongqing.

In August, 2017, 60 units Higer plug-in hybrid buses equipped with Microvast’s third generation MpCO batteries started operation in Liangjiang New Area in Chongqing, providing greener and more convenient transportation services.

In September, 2020, 17 units electric buses equipped with Microvast’s batteries started operation on bus route No.583 and No.666 in Chongqing. In December, 2020, 287 units 10.5-meter hybrid city buses equipped with Microvast batteries started operation in Chongqing.

So far, the number of buses equipped with Microvast batteries in Chongqing has reached 2,045 units. Among them, 96% of them are hybrid buses and 70% of them are equipped with LpTo batteries.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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