King Long Vehicles to Arrive in Jordan and Qatar to Combat COVID-19

July 08,2020

On July 3, a handover ceremony was held in Xiamen to mark the delivery of two units King Long negative pressure ambulances and four units intelligent anti-epidemic Monitoring Workstations to Jordan. On the same day, six units King Long Smart Workstations were handed over to Qatar for Operation.

Muhamed Sakleh, representing both Qatar and Jordan, Liu Jian, Secretary in General of Belt Road Global Council, Chen Sijin, Secretary of King Long CPC Committee, attended the handover ceremony.

According to sources, all the vehicles are donated by Zeng Zhibiao from Yishi (Fujian) Technologies Co., Ltd. to the two countries. Living overseas, Mr. Zeng has donated King Long negative pressure ambulances to his hometown, Jinjiang, at the very beginning of COVID-19 pandemic. Later, as COVID-19 spread across the globe, he has bought 61 units King Long Smart Workstations and donated them to over 20 countries, including Jordan, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. To ensure students could resume their classes in September, Mr. Zeng’s company, Yishi (Fujian) Technologies Co., Ltd. will soon donate facial masks to some countries in the Middle East.

In March this year, amid the fast spread of COVID-19 across the globe, King Long successfully developed Smart Workstations, which incorporate such functions as taking temperatures and performing sanitizing tasks. The Smart Workstations are highly effective and convenient to office buildings, railway stations, airports, and factories combat COVID-19.

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