Higer Electric City Bus Delivered to South Korea Again

December 16,2019

On December 5, the delivery ceremony of 20 Higer electric city buses was held in Bucheon, South Korea. More than one hundred people attended the ceremony, including Jang Deog Cheon, Bucheon Mayor;Kim Dong Hee,Speaker of Bucheon City Council; Kwone Sung Woo, General Manager of Suxin Passenger; Huang Shuping, General Manager of Higer Bus, and General Manager of Higer partner - Dalin Group, General Manager of P Company and citizen representatives. Bucheon has entered the era of electric buses from this event. This is the time when Higer Bus once again uses the wisdom of Chinese bus solution to add luster to the “Belt and Road” countries.

Higer Electric City Bus Delivered to South Korea Again

At the ceremony, Huang Shuping, General Manager of Higer Bus, delivered the key symbolizing cooperation and friendship to Kwone Sung Woo, General Manager of Suxin Passenger. Since then, 20 new Higer electric city buses will run on the streets of South Korea. It is reported that this order is the largest order for electric city buses from China to South Korea so far. The General Manager of Suxin Passengers affirmed the product quality of Higer electric city bus, and expressed his willingness to contribute to the environmental protection of South Korea together with Higer bus and provide citizens with more comfortable and convenient travel services.

Since the development of electric products for South Korea in 2017, Higer Bus has launched nearly one hundred electric city buses to the Korean market so far, ranking first among Chinese bus brands. In 2019 alone, the South Korean market introduced 55 Higer fast-charging electric green buses, which can be said to be a year of historic breakthrough. Higer Bus has fully investigated and surveyed the operating environment of South Korea, and customized the fast-charging electric city bus that can run 150 kilometers after 30 minutes charging, adopting international leading accessories to ensure the quality of vehicle details. A series of equipment including hidden air cleaner, double pure E-drive water heater, USB fast charging in the passenger area, electric wheelchair ramp, ECAS function, low floor design, etc. not only ensure the riding convenience of citizens, but also greatly improve the travel comfort of passengers.

After the delivery ceremony, Bucheon Mayor and other leaders, together with citizens, experienced the warm and comfortable interior environment and quiet and stable running state of Higer electric city buses from Suzhou, China. Everyone praised the new car for its beauty appearance, comfort, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Higer Electric City Bus Delivered to South Korea Again

Under the global consensus on low-carbon and eco-friendly, Higer new energy bus has become an important force to continuously promote green public travel in South Korea. This batch of zero-emission, pollution-free electric city buses is a promise of Higer Bus to the green travel of Korean citizens, and also a solemn commitment of Higer Bus to protect the blue sky and the beautiful earth!

Higer Electric City Bus Delivered to South Korea Again

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