user September 02,2020

 i am from Lahore Pakistan, my main business is trading ,manufacturing and retails stores in Pakistan and Malaysia, i have to start new business of transport intercity service, for that i need initially 12 busses to startup and then i will move on other stations and will more busses required soon. i just want to start business with in months so need urgent quotation from your side


user August 13,2020

my company profile is wholesale parts. I have a contract with a fleet of 500 buses. I supply parts for buses. Now I plan to sell air conditioner for trucks, in the future to conduct maintenance. I'm studying the demand. I need a good quality air conditioner, but not quite expensive.


user July 24,2020

Ninhao! I hope this email receives you well. Thank you very much for your kind inquiry. Please find my answers below: My company is providing consulting support for transformation of bus companies like Solaris or MAN (please understand that we don’t disclose any client names) towards e-mobility. Therefore it also interesting for us to know and understand the Chinese Bus market which is the leader in the world.


user July 17,2020

What is the current pricing for the BYD Electric Bus? Thank you for your swift reply. I'm a graduate student currently studying at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, and I'm currently researching about the challenges and opportunities of the usage of EV buses within Jakarta's public transportation. To that end, I would like to know the pricing of BYD's K9 EV Buses, as it's the type of bus that I'm utilizing within this research. Hopefully the data that I got could assist me in this research and create a cost benefit analysis that would forecast how this conversion plan would benefit Jakarta in the long run.


user June 17,2020

We are in Dubai, we have been purchased one Daewoo bus in 2015 likely. But this time our requirement is only for 24-26 seater bus. So kindly recommend the suitable 24-26 seater bus. The required quantity is only 1, it’s for our office use.


user June 12,2020

Since the year 2015 when we start to use Yutong F11 buses for transportation especially for passengers and school trip. we now have four buses. I'm the one fixing any problems on them like now as I'm wondering how can I got a turbo charger from Bus Africa Importation Gauteng. Again I'm always crying for training in mechanic. I didn't get after sales service as Yutong company put me up and down in relation of a mechanic train achievement


user June 08,2020

Our previous registered in south sudan as East African Company for Transport and Services Juba, South Sudan . We bought 5 units in 2015 so in 2020 we bought 5 units Yutong again, but in 2018 two got burnt in unclear reasons. Yutong buses do not have spares in East Africa especially Uganda and south Sudan .  Buses are low difficult to move on Africa bad road. No technical mechanics to work on them.


user June 03,2020

Hello In the recent past, we have tried to bring the Zonda electric bus to Brazil. We even had a request from a large bus company in our state to test the Zonda E Bus. I myself rode a BYD bus provided by BYD to this company for tests. Negotiations stopped in the USA, and we don't know why. If you consider it opportune, we would like to return to this issue with Zonda Bus and set up a factory in Brazil, which is being considered the country of the future due to agribusiness. Best Regards


user May 19,2020

I'm from ZIMBABWE, Started with two Yutong buses diesel....they are luxurious though some of their spare parts are hard To access.


user December 25,2019

BYD Bus e-bus looking for Electric semi low floor max 12 meters x 2,500 mm..... equipped with Air-Cond + Front / Reverse & surveillance camera + CD radio with speakers + Driving Range 350 KM + pls specify the price for Manual & Auto transmission separately + Air or Gas suspension + of capacity 50 seats excluding Driver. Thanks for your attention & awaiting for feedback.


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