Ankai N8 and A8 High-End Travel Coaches to Better Serve Tourists in Huangshan

November 22,2023

On November 22, Ankai officially delivered a batch of N8 and A8 high-end travel coaches to its customer Huangshan Travel Transportation Development Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Huangshan Travel Transportation). Leaders from both the bus maker and bus operator witnessed the historical moment.

Particularly designed for mid- and long-distance road travel, commuting services and coach rental services, Ankai N8 and A8 are mainly targeted at the high-end transportation market. With an awe-inspiring appearance, they both have more streamlined body structures and have a host of travel amenities available on board. Equipped with the fifth generation internal environment management system + advanced NVH technology, Ankai N8 has won several major awards, including 2022 China Commercial Vehicle Innovation Award and 2023 Travel Coach Innovation Award.

In recent years, Huangshan has been make relentless efforts to integrate more cultural elements and rural travel into its tour packages, aiming to build itself as one of the first-class tourist destinations in the world. Statistics show that the city received 75.0117 million tourists from January to October this year, up by 59.52% year on year. After the arrival of Ankai N8 and A8 travel coaches, tourists are able to enjoy more comfortable and more convenient travel experience in the city.

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