China Bus Exports Grew by 11.62% in May,2021

July 13,2021

According to the latest statistics, China exported 3,833 units buses in May, up by 7.13% against that in April and up by 11.62% year on year. More specifically, it exported 621 units large-sized buses, accounting for 16.20% of the total export volume; 628 units medium-sized buses, accounting for 16.38% of the total export volume; and 2,584 units light buses, accounting for 67.42% of the total export volume.

Compared with the data in April this year, the export of medium-sized buses jumped by 570% while the export of large-sized buses went down by 30.46%; the export of light buses only decreased slightly, down by only 0.27%.

In comparison with the data in May last year, the export of large-sized buses decreased sharply, down by 74.33% while the export of medium-sized buses and light buses both more than doubled.

From January to May, China’s bus export volume reached 18,611 units, down by 8.4% year on year. Overall, the market has showed signs of recovery. More specifically, China exported 14,100 units light buses, up by 16.31% year on year; in contrast, it exported 3,300 units large-sized buses and 1,200 units medium-sized buses, down by 50.55% and 20.72% year on year respectively.

In January, China exported 2,385 units buses, down by 53.18% year on year; in February, it delivered 3,459 units buses to overseas customers, up by 93.89% year on year; in the following three months, the bus export volume stood at 5,356 units (up by 14.49% year on year), 3,578 units (down by 32.86% year on year) and 3,833 units (up by 11.62% year on year) respectively. From above, it is clear that the market is very volatile.

According to the statistics released by the customs, of all the buses exported from January to May this year, 22.5% are equipped with Yuchai diesel engines, 13.0% 4RB2 gasoline engines, 11.7% Weichai diesel engines, 9.2% SDEC diesel engines, 9.0% Cummins engines, 6.8% 3TZ gasoline engines, 6.6% Chaochai engines, 5.7% Mitsubishi 4G69N gasoline engines, 8.5% natural gas engines, and 4.3% electric engines.

As to the destinations of China’s bus exports, the bus export to Asian countries took up 36.5% of the total (39.8% in the same period in 2020), that to Africa accounted for 33.3% of the total (31.7% in the same period in 2020), that to Latin America reached 25.6% of the total (22.5% in the same period in 2020), that to Europe stood at 3.0% of the total (2.9% in the same period in 2020), that to other regions registered at 1.6% of the total (3.1% in the same period in 2020).

In addition, China’s bus export to countries and regions along the Belt & Road has been growing steadily since 2016.

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