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Golden Dragon Bus XML6125 Hybrid Series

City Bus


L11980 × W2550 × H3100

Technical Parameter
Dimensions(mm) L11980 × W2550 × H3100
Wheelbase(mm) 5980 mm
Seats 32-40 + 1 (include driver)
Energy Hybrid

The research and development of new energy began as early as 10 years ago at Golden Dragon. The core of the model series adopts a super capacitor as the energy storage element, which greatly reduces the fuel consumption of the whole vehicle, while, at the same time, enhances driving power.

The energy recovery efficiency while braking is upgraded to nearly 40%. This makes use of the super capacitor’s rapid charging and discharging characteristics, and achieves an average fuel savings ratio as high as 25% during actual operation.

The system also features an exceptional energy savings and emissions reduction effect, which reduces pollutant emissions by upwards of 60%.

Golden Dragon hybrid products have been in service on bus lines in more than 10 cities, such as: Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou, since 2005. There is a current inventory of more than 1,200 units.

Golden Dragon is the pioneer and flagship of all the hybrid buses i

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