8,994 Units Buses Sold in August 2020 in China

September 28,2020

According to the latest statistics, a total number of 8,994 units buses measuring six meters in length and above were sold in August in China this year, up by 24.6% against that in the previous month and down by 20.1% against that in the same month last year.

From January to August, China’s sales volume of buses reached 58,613 units, down by 35.4% year on year. In recent few months, China’s bus market has shown encouraging signs of recovery.

Among the top ten players in China’s bus market, Yutong’s sales volume (19,350 units buses) accounted for 37.2% of the total; BYD successfully doubled its sales and Zhongtong increased its sales by over 80%; Yinlong edged its way to the top ten players.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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